Class Fee

Monthly Unlimited Pass 


Long term students can get concessions; i.e. if you would like to commit minimum another 3 months.  

Monthly Pass​ 

3 times per week  £95 

Beginner's First Month Unlimited Pass *


*Only for those who are completely new to Ashtanga yoga.

5 times tickets 

£55 (valid for 4 weeks) 

10 times tickets 

£100 (valid for 6 weeks) 


30% discount for any monthly pass for students (please show your valid student ID card upon payment)


Students with established Ashtaga yoga practice are welcome to drop-in for £12.

For yoga holiday students staying shorter/longer than a month in Newquay;

Those who have established Ashtanga yoga practice or those who have practiced with us before are always welcome to join us for short/long period of time. Please contact us by email and we will reply you with weekly fee.


Those who are coming to Newquay for yoga holiday but new to Ashtanga yoga are also welcome.  

Terms and Conditions

• First payment (all for monthly pass/tickets and drop-in) should be made before you start the first class by online or by cash at the Shala in person.

• Class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


For Monthly pass holders:  Monthly pass payment can be made on the 1st of the month

• You can start anytime of the month and the pass is valid from your starting day of the month to the day before of the next month; i.e. if you start on the 2nd November, your pass will be valid till the 1st December.   

• If you would like to continue after the first month, the second monthly pass will be calculated 


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