Attendance Guideline

● Please allow enough time for your practice and respect the class finishing time. Although you can start anytime during the class window as far as you can finish by the closing time, if you are not sure how long your practice will take in the beginning, you can always ask us before attending the first class.  


●Please avoid unnecessary chat before/after practice especially when other students are still practicing.


● Please switch your mobile phone off or turn it to silent mode at the shala(school).


● Please do not eat anything 2-3 hours before practice.


● Please bathe before practice and wear clean yoga wears(anything comfortable to move). 

 -- It is important to clean ourselves before practice same as before going to a temple.


● Please do not wear any strong scented stuff, such as perfumes, deodorant, oils during practice.


● It is recommended not to drink anything including water during practice.


● Please let us know if you have any injuries or if you are pregnant. 

● Please contact us by email in advance when you first wish to attend our class, so that we can send the studio guidance and the door code etc. 


● ● Ladies, please take  the first 3 days of "lady's holiday" during menstruation. 

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